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Milton, Chalkwell and The Crowstone

Author: Marion Pearce
ISBN: 0 86025 510 7


Milton Hamlet has vanished, but there are still traces of the ‘Middle Town’ between Southchurch and Leigh to be found. Milton’s foundation was in Saxon times and it came to notice in the 13th century when it had strong links with Canterbury. It continued a rural existence until the late 1800s when the established manor house began to be developed as housing estates and parks.

It lost its identity and is now swallowed in Westcliff, but its story can be traced through its decline and re-emergence as a fashionable residential district. The story continues into recent times and there are stories of eminent residents, of shops and pubs, of churches and schools, or holidaymakers and enemy attack.

Chalkwell is a thriving residential area with its roots in the large estates of past centuries before evolving as a seaside resort. The Crowstone has been a landmark in the Thames for over 800 years. Here are recorded the inscriptions on all Crowstones, the stories behind them, and an account of ceremonies that have taken place over the years.

112 pages, 34 photographs, 17 line drawings, 2 maps

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