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The Shoebury Story

Editor: Maureen Orford
ISBN: 0 86025 512 3


Shoebury led a largely peaceful life until the mid 19th century. There had been raids by Saxons and Vikings, invasions by the Romans and Normans, insurrections by local peasants, minor crime and ecclesiastical disputes, but life changed forever when the Army established Shoeburyness Barracks.

The village expanded as tradesmen found customers from the garrison; then the railway was extended from Southend, following upon which the trippers came to the beaches and entertainments sprung up. Meanwhile the Army built quarters for the troops, raised their own church, erected messes for officers and NCOs, opened a theatre, and ranges for testing artillery.

The military presence had its darker side, with horrific accidents to servicemen and civilians, the grounding of a battleship, and defences during the World Wars. The Army has now largely moved away, but present-day Shoebury is a community that can still trace its background by surviving farmhouses, road names, and memories.

144 pages, 73 photographs, 3 line drawings

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