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Tales of the East Coast from the Thames to the Wash

Author: Frank Tice
ISBN: 0 86025 464 X


History and legend of the seaways and byways of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. Stories of the Kings of East Anglia (and their daughters); memories of heroism and disaster; details of events of the 1940s and the 1340s; and accounts of towns, villages and hamlets from Tilbury to King’s Lynn. Meet the Kings of East Anglia and their three crowns; the Foulness parson who was a major influence on English literature; towns and villages lost to the sea.

There are stories of battles on land and at sea; the 1940 invasion of Shingle Street; legends of saints, sinners and seafarers; the romance of Margaret Catchpole; castle, churches, and leper hospitals; smuggling yarns; the rise and fall of local enterprises; a few ghosts strut these pages… in fact all you need to know about the eastern byways and seaways.

144 pages, 21 photographs

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