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“After you, Holmes…”
Author: Douglas Moreton
ISBN: 0 86025 287 6
Format: Paperback

Four novellas set in northern England illustrated by photographs (including that reproduced below) taken from the collection of Dr John H Watson.

The case of the counterfeit corpse. A politician dies at a northern reception, but a few days later he is seen, apparently unscathed, in London. Holmes is asked to uncover a conspiracy among local dignitaries and uncovers someone from Holmes’s own past.
Coffins at Candlemas. Holmes is in Clitheroe to investigate the disappearance of a landowner in the snowy wastes. All is revealed after an Ice Fair.

The case of the missing masters. Yorkshire collectors lose treasures and suspicion falls on a man who asks Holmes for assistance.

The case of the singular sibling. In Shropshire Holmes aids police to track down an escaped prisoner, who is married to Professor Moriarty’s sister.

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