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Deafness: And How to Survive
Author: Olivia Lee
ISBN: 1 58690 018 8

This is a book that tries to come to terms with the state of deafness and is aimed at both the sufferer and his/her family.

It is packed with helpful tips on how to raise a deaf child and how that child can be safely launched upon the sea of life.

There are practical chapters for parents upon hearing aids, assistive aids and other help, family support, and education. There are self-help chapters on getting a job, the work and the home environment, shopping and business trips, being part of the wider community, health problems, hobbies and outside interests, entertainment and social life, and travel and holidays.

Finally, there are name and contact details of support organisations in Britain, Ireland, and America.

* UK delivery only, add £1.00 to total if outside of UK

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